Ned and Tara Madden

Journalist Ned Madden and his wife Tara have lived in San Clemente, Calif. for nearly three decades. This website is dedicated to “The Catalina Triangle,” subject of the third segment of a three-part work by Madden called “The South Coast Trilogy.” The first two segments in the trilogy:

“The Death Ray” (1999)
San Clemente’s remote eastern edge was home for nearly 40 years to a military facility known as the TRW Capistrano Test site, where Cold War technologies like Reagan’s “Star Wars” laser weapons were developed in strict privacy.

“Ace Hoffman Is Tilting at ‘Nofre” (2013)
On San Clemente’s southern tip just across the county line sits the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS), permanently shut down just a few months after this article was first published.

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