Catalina Triangle

The Catalina Triangle is a 1,200-square-mile pie-slice-shaped wedge of Pacific Ocean off the Orange County, California coast in between the city of Dana Point and Santa Catalina and San Clemente islands. In the Catalina Triangle, reality rules though it doesn’t always make sense.

Triangle Weirdness

Catalina Triangle strangeness includes the Avalon “sleepkiller,” the 33rd Parallel link, Natalie Wood and Phil Hartman, sado-masochistic padres and blood-soaked natives, ghosts and pirates, a 30-kiloton nuke, mountain ranges spun sideways, Borderland and Bight, Gyre and eddy, counter-current and undercurrent, earthquake and tsunami, moonscape sea craters, underwater oases, and the largest animal (with the largest…

Dana Point

“Down in Doheny where the surfers all go There’s a big, bleached blondie named Surfer Joe…” — The Surfaris / “Surfer Joe” (May 1963) A look around Dana Point from the Dana Headlands provides a good view of enticing Catalina Triangle fare like tall two-masted sailing ships, sailboat and yacht regattas, migrating whales, stampeding dolphins, waddling harbor seals, barking sea…

Santa Catalina Island

“It seems so distant, twenty-six miles away Restin’ in the water serene I’d work for anyone, even the Navy Who would float me to my island dream…” “26 Miles (Santa Catalina)” by The Four Preps

San Clemente Island

“I see San Clemente this winter lying in all its amethystine (violet quartz gemstone) beauty, like an Indian arrow-head, tipped with shining stretches of sand, enshrined by the white arms of the sea.” –  Blanche Trask, naturalist and writer, 1904

Triangle’s Offshore Spaces

A sodden, occasionally bloody triangle-shaped fish toilet/graveyard – a mile deep in some spots – lies off Orange County’s coast in the Gulf of Santa Catalina at the eastern edge of the Pacific Ocean.  The Catalina Triangle occupies the center of the Southern California Bight and Continental Borderland, which constitute one of the most productive bodies of…

33rd Parallel North

“If a life is taken close to the 33rd Parallel North, this fits with the Masons’ demonic mythology in which they demonstrate their worldly power by spilling human blood at a predetermined locale.”  — “Masons and Mystery at the Parallel” by Day Williams (Anti-Freemason Christian writer)